Mary Kay Ash was an American businesswoman and founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.


Mary Kay looked after her ill father along with studying in Reagan High School in Houston. Her mother worked for 14 hours a day at a local food restaurant.

Her mother always fed young Mary with “you can do it” spirit. Mary Kay attended University of Houston.

After her divorce, Mary Kay worked for Stanley Home Products, a direct sales firm. She became very successful in selling home care products but didn’t get recognition for her work. Neither did her supervisors increase her earnings.
After working very hard for 25 years in corporate sales, she resigned from the position of national training director when a man trained by her was promoted over her and also given double salary.
Apparently men could not believe that a woman could succeed in business.
In 1963, with a $5,000 investment, Mary Kay and her second husband started the company, Mary Kay Cosmetics. Before the company could open its operational storefront in Dallas, her second husband suddenly died.
It was a direct selling cosmetic company and initially had nine independent sales representatives. In the first year of operation, they made a profit of $200,000.
In the span of two years, Mary Kay Company was selling products worth one million dollars. She applied the strategy of giving incentives over good work and started by giving pink Cadillac to the top salespersons of the year.
She also wrote three best-selling books during her lifetime. Her autobiography, “Mary Kay”. Her book, “Mary Kay on People Management”, that was included in the business courses at Harvard Business School. And her third book, “You Can Have It All”.
She also founded the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation. The prime goal of this foundation was to raise money to fight against domestic violence and cancers affecting women.. 

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