How can a t-shirt change your life

Have you seen the messages that people wear on their clothes?



Our surrondings are moving all day. Men, women and children are running from one place to another; school, work, meetings, classes, workouts, all with the goal of becoming better.


Some people work on something they like, others work where they are given the opportunity to do something to make money.


However, most people want to achieve their goals and achieve their dreams, but few decide to take the big step and leave the comfort zone to fight for them. Sometimes fear and uncertainty keep people away from their dreams.


Life has taught us that everything we have today was the product of a dream that now is a reality.


After doing some research for more than a year to learn what messages people projected I saw a lot of them, some love messages, some violent, funny, hilarious, about sports and a very small part of them were positive messages.


We went to a restaurant in Texas and it caught my attention that the t-shirts of all who worked there had positive messages about their work and the people visiting that restaurant know is a place with great atmosphere and happiness.


But, how a t-shirt can change your life? That is the question.


I decided to print a t-shirt with the message: "You are so much stronger than you think" and went out, the first place I went was an HEB and a woman in the store told me when she saw my t-shirt "I needed to hear something like that today," she smiled and told me to have a nice day.

 You are so much stronger than you think

I did not only impacted her life, he reminded me of that phrase and of course that's part of my life to know that "I am much stronger than I think" and with this and many other phrases is how I like to live my life. In Trickytran we think the only way to change the world is by changing us and a t-shirt can change your life, encourage, motivate, inspire, make us feel better, eliminate fears and encourage us to pursue our dreams.


I just I went to a 10-mile run where my wife ran, I was wearing the t-shirt of "Failure is not an option" and a person with whom I came across while walking said "Excellent "and he gave me a thumbs up. At that moment he received my message and I realized that my t-shirt had make him smile and a positive action.

Failure is not an Option


So we decided to pursuit this dream of printing and having high quality products with positive messages being the best online destination of inspiration, a place to encourage people and embolden everyone to face their challenges in the pursuit of their dreams.


Having a message aligned with your thinking, can change your life and will help you remember where you want to go.


Follow your Dreams.

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Luis ROC