Inspirational life of Lady Gaga


It hasn’t been easy to succeed for the 30 year old singer who has won 6 Grammys and a total of 203 awards through her artistic career. But before becoming one of the most recognized singers in musical industry, Lady Gaga had to overcome a lot of hard times and obstacles. Here are some things you probably didn’t know about the inspirational life of Lady Gaga before and after achieving international fame.


Stephanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta started her artistic career at age 16. She abandoned her family for a while and decided to move to a little appartment in Manhattan to pursue her dreams. At first, she started singing at some NY Night Clubs, she also had a band for a while, but eventually decided to go on by herself and that’s when she started using her artistic name, ‘Lady Gaga’.


It wasn´t until 2006 when she started to make some noise in music industry, after several failed projects. Gaga had to knock many doors before someone (other than herself) believed in her art and her musical proposal.


She signed her first album contract in 2006, with the condition that she had to write an entire album in 9 months. She couldn’t do it, so she got fired after three months. Gaga thought her career was over, so she decided to go back to her family and abandon her dream. She also started partying too much and got hooked in a drug addiction for a while.


A couple of years later, Gaga stopped her destructive way of living and decided to try once again, but this time… she made it happen. She succeded. She moved to Los Angeles and focused completely in what the wanted the most… being recognized as an artist. In 2008 ‘The Fame’, her first album came out. Gaga became a little bit recognized because of that, but that wasn’t enough for her. That’s when ‘The Fame Monster’ (2nd. album) came out and consolidated her as a full time singer/performer.


Since then, Gaga has achieved not only being recognized worlwide, also, she became the new LGBT, misfits and other minorities spokeswoman. After years of failing, she found her place in the world. ´Born This Way’, ‘Artpop’ (considered a failure compared to her other albums),  ‘Cheek To Cheek’ and ‘Joanne’, four albums later, Gaga is one of the best female singers in pop industry. It sure hasn’t been easy for her but she has always find a way to get back up after the rough patches. Next year, she’ll be singing at the Super Bowl halftime show and she’ll probably win an enormous amount of awards because of her most recent musical material, ‘Joanne’.


There’s one thing we can be sure of… Lady Gaga is not going anywhere but UP and we’ll keep hearing her name for a long long time.



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Inspirational life of Lady Gaga