The Age to Succeed


This is a question we constantly ask ourselves, when I am going to be successful? Or what is the right age to make my dreams come true? I think the correct age depends on how confident you are in your dreams.


I have studied the life of many entrepreneurs and celebrities trying to discover how they got to be successful and after analyzing their lives, the stages they lived, all without exception succeeded in the moment they decided to go for their dreams. Many times the Environment and the situation you are in may be a factor, however it is not a limitation to achieve your dreams.

Mark Zuckenberg created Facebook when he was 20 years old


Bill Gates created Microsoft when he was 20


* Steve Jobs created Apple when he was 21


* Evan Spiegel was 22 years old  when he created Snapchat


* Elon Musk was 24 When he founded Zip2


* Google was created when Larry Page and Sergei Brin were 25


The Age to Succeed


* Ralph Lauren was 28 when he launched his own brand

* Oprah Winfrey was 29 when she had the opportunity to be a broadcaster

* Jeff Bezos was 30 when he founded Amazon

* JK Rowling was 32 when Harry Potter was published

* Netflix was created by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph when they were 37

* Hugo Boss created his brand when he was 38


The Age to Succeed


* Stan Lee wrote his first comic at 39

* Vera Wang began her career as a designer at 40

* Donald Fisher founded GAP with his wife at 41


* Henry Ford was 44 years old when he launched the T model


* Mary Kay founded her cosmetics company at age 45

* Soichiro Honda founded Honda when he was 42


The Age to Succeed


* Samuel L Jackson had his first successful film at 43

* Henry Royce founded Rolls Royce at 43


* Sam Walton started Walmart at 44

* Suzanne Collins wrote The Hunger Games at 46

* Momofuku Ando invented the insta ramen at 48

* Julia Child released her first cookbook at 50


The Age to Succeed

* Ray Kroc bought and transformed McDonalds at 52

* Dr Seuss launched his brand at 54

* Ferdinand Porsche launched the Porsche brand at 56

* Charles Ranlett Flint started IBM at 61

* Colonel Sanders founded KFC at 61

* Nelson Mandela became President at 76


History always has a place no matter where you are, you determine the age you succeed. When you combine the passion and desire that can make your dreams come true.


Luis ROC

Never give up, follow your dreams