Inspirational Quotes for Athletes

Like everybody else, athletes need continuity and effort to achieve their goals. However, motivation also plays a crucial part to succeed. Here you will find a little push and encouragement to continue with your passion and your desire to move forward with these inspirational quotes for athletes. 


¨Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn¨

-       Anónimo


¨Champions are not made at the Gym, champions are made because of something they have inside of them ¨

-       Muhammad Ali


¨You have to train your mind the same way you train your body¨

-       Bruce Jenner


¨You can’t limit yourself, nothing’s impossibe¨

-       Usain Bolt


¨Desire is the most important thing for an athelte’s success¨

-       Willie Shoemaker


¨Persistence can change failure into an extrordinary achievement ¨

-       Matt Biondi


¨Set your goals high and don’t stop until you get them¨

-       Bo Jackson


¨The more difficult victory is, there’s greater happiness in winning¨

-       Pelé


¨Never underestimate the power of your dreams and human spirit’s influence. The potential for greatness lives inside of us¨

-       Wilma Rudolph


¨A trophy will bring dust. Memories last forever¨

-       Mary Lou Retton


¨A champion is the one who gets up when he(she) can’t¨

-       Jack Dempsey


¨Don’t wish to be perfect. Perfect people can’t improve themselves¨

-       Ashley M.L.


¨There’s always an option before quitting¨

-       Anonymous 


¨What we should do with a mistake: recognize it, accept it, learn from it and forget it¨

-       Dean Smith


¨We’ve all been beginners at some point¨

-       Deena Kastor


¨I’ve failed again and again in life, that’s why I’ve achieved seccess¨

-       Michael Jordan


¨The moment when you’re about to quit is the moment when you need to keep trying¨

-       Anonymous


¨You can’t measure your success if you haven’t failed¨

-       Steffi Graf


¨You need to believe in yourself when no one else does, in that moment, you’re already a winner¨

-       Venus Williams


¨Never place age as a limitation for making your dreams come true¨

-       Dara Torres


¨The ability to conquer yourself is the most precious thing sports gives us¨

-       Olga Korbut


¨A road without obstacles usually gets you nowhere¨

-       Anonymous


¨An athelete’e success is achieved by many years of hard work and dedication¨

-       Michael Diamond


¨Every morning… break the rules¨

-       Anonymous


¨Always remember why you started¨

-       Anonymous


Remember this: if success weren’t so hard to achieve, everybody would be doing it. There’s no other way to succeed other than being tenacious and trying hard. If you need more inspiration, visit our online shop and you will find t-shirts with awesome inspirational quotes, you’re stronger than you think!


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Inspirational Quotes for Athletes