Inspirational Facts about Michael Phelps


There’s no doubt Michael Phelps is one of the most recognized athletes of all times. This professional swimmer has won an enormous amount of medals, because when he gets into a pool, he basically turns into a dolphin. He now helds the all-time record for Olympic gold medals, he has earned the Swimmer Of The Year Award seven times and he holds multiple world records too. Of course this dolphin-man is an inspiration for any athlete, and actually, he’s an inspiration for any person who hasn’t give up on achieving their dreams. Here are some inspirational facts about Michael Phelps you’ll find interesting.


You probably won’t believe us if we told you Michael was afraid of swimming, but it’s true. In spite of this, Phelps started swimming when he was only seven years old… and look at him now! Phew!


He broke his first world record at age 15. He was the first man (teenager) to break the 200-metre fly at such a young age.


Phelps won 19 medals at the London Olympic Games in 2012. He was 27 years old when this happened. And well, in Rio 2016, after coming out from his retirement, he won 26 medals (22 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze).


His career was at risk when he was arrested twice for drunk driving and later on, he was spotted smoking marijuana, but Phelps submitted himself to an Anti-Doping Project and ended this controversy before things got out of hand.


He’s not only an amazing athlete, he’s also a noble person. In 2008 (with a lot of money in his pockets, after winning at the Beijing Olympics), Phelps founded the ‘Michael Phelps Foundation’, which aims at increasing the awareness of swimming as a sport and focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle.


He can swim 100 meters in less than 50 seconds, he’s the most decorated ‘Olympian’ in the world, he has broken his own records, he’s one of the richiest athletes in the world  and… he’s a great inspiration for millions of people around the world. Michael Phelps is a clear example of what FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS can make you achieve, so… GO AHEAD, START NOW!


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Inspirational Facts about Michael Phelps